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3 exercises for those who want to start or do not have much physical condition

Starting to exercise can be very difficult because it requires desire and energy that we do not seem to have.

It also does not help that some instructors are very intense at the time of the classes and they want that you do the same thing that Usain Bolt to warm up. This only distances people from exercise.

If you plan to start exercising after a long time or is the first time you do in life, we have 3 exercises that are excellent for you:

1. Mountain Climbers

They may seem difficult, but climbers will help you get a better condition quickly. These help to work the legs, glutes, arms and abdomen, all in that simple movement.

You can start by making small rounds of 15 seconds at medium speed or 10 to maximum: it is not difficult and it is quite effective.


2. Dead weight

If you do it from home you can use some tin or object weighing a little.

The goal of the dead weight is to work the posterior area of the leg like the femoral and helps the buttocks to have more firmness.

We recommend making rounds of 10 repetitions and never forget to take the chest and keep your back straight as the image shows.



3. Squats

You can do pumping or deep squats, it’s up to you. Although to begin we recommend doing pumping that does not involve so much depth in the squat. If you decide to do small squats we recommend to make rounds of 20 seconds and if you decide to do deep, only 5 to 10 to avoid injuries due to overload.

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